Get solar with zero down: free equipment, installation, maintenance, predictable monthly rate, 25-year warranty, and we handle all tax credits and rebates!


Start with zero down, own the system with all financial benefits, enjoy a fixed monthly bill, qualify for federal and municipal credits, boost home value, and get a 25-year warranty.


Purchase outright with a custom down payment or upfront, own the system with no monthly bill, qualify for credits, increase home value, and enjoy a 25-year warranty.


Every home is custom designed. Based on energy usage, geo location, and roof layout. That’s why our solar expert will cover different options for your home.

At Evolve Solar, we pride ourselves on offering custom layout solutions that cater to the unique needs of every client. Our custom layout service ensures that your solar energy system is designed and installed to maximize efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality, tailored specifically to your property.


We create and gather the necessary documents to receive approvals from the city, hoa and utility company.

At Evolve Solar, thorough preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and efficient solar installation process. Our preparation services are designed to address all the necessary steps before installation, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience and optimal performance of your solar energy system.


Ready to schedule installation. Upon completion, we will schedule a city inspection and work with the utility company to turn your system on. Once system is activated Get ready to save money.

Evolve Solar ensures that your property is fully prepared and “Install Ready” before we commence the solar panel installation. Our thorough pre-installation process guarantees that every aspect is covered, allowing for a seamless transition to solar energy.

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